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Rescuing such a congested environment creates an urgent need for all of us to use products that are friendly to it and safe for us. That is why we are constantly trying to enrich our product range in as many areas as possible with new technology ecologically and biodegradable items with the aim of quality of life and energy savings.
Think ecologically. Live Ecologically.
 Smaltoplast Eco Description GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Excellent quality ECOLOGICAL matte plastic paint for painting walls, plasters, trowel and plasterboard. SMALTOPLAST extra is of low smell and combines high whiteness, great coverage and excellent performance. It spreads wonderfully..
Ex Tax:2.66€
Description Biodegradable general cleaning fluid, concentrated, non-toxic and non-caustic. It is used dissolved with water for all washable surfaces (walls – doors – refrigerators – washing machines – upholstery – plastic seats – metal furniture – boats, et..
Ex Tax:2.02€
Durostick BIO-CLEAN for joints of tiles, granites and marbles Description Biodegradable cleaner, allergen-free , (ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives), environmentally friendly,  It is gentle with hands, does not cause problems in inhalation.  It does not destroy sensit..
Ex Tax:6.05€
Biodegradable cleaner, allergen-free,  It has a high cleaning action, without damaging sensitive surfaces.  It effectively removes with a sprinkling, after rinsing with water, oil, grease, sauce, stubborn stains, blood, smoke, purri, salts from sanitary ware, tiles, joints, polishe..
Ex Tax:5.24€
Durostick BIO-CLEAN for glazing - furniture Description Biodegradable cleaner, free of allergenic substances (ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives), environmentally friendly, under legislation 907/2006/EC governing detergents, as regards their biodegradability.  Gentle with hand..
Ex Tax:3.63€
Description GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Ecological acrylic water-soluble multipurpose primer ideal for indoor use. Its special composition gives excellent results on external surfaces. It has great adhesion on wood, MDF, chipboard, surfaces painted with oil paint, metal surfaces, aluminum, galvanized,..
Ex Tax:8.47€
 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Ecological white water-soluble 100% acrylic primer of low smell and minimum content of VOC, internal and external use. Suitable for priming and isolating dirt and stains on wall and ceiling surfaces...
Ex Tax:5.65€
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