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Our company was founded in 1992 and since then it has been active with consistency and professionalism in the supply of the market with structural and shipping products.

In our store on 154 Amfithea Ave., in P. Faliro you will find anything that concerns the maintenance and renovation of buildings (paints, varnishes, insulation, sealants, repairs, epoxy resins, adhesives, tile laying materials, electrical and plumbing equipment and many household items.)
At the same time, we cover both professional maintainers and boat owners with a wide range of marine products and materials (anticolors, varnishes, anchors, chains, ropes, stainless steel items, general boat equipment, life-saving, nautical clothing, electrical equipment, polyesters and glazing, decorative tapes, ointments, abrasives and much more.)

The wide variety that you will find in tools (hand and electric) and personal protective equipment for employees (overalls, helmets, masks, gloves) facilitates the above tasks.

the friendly environment of our store, our experienced partners will willingly give you solutions to the issues that concern you and will help you in the right choice of materials you need and with the possibility of delivering them to the place you want, whether you order through the online store or through the physical store, or even by phone.