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 Sailing Pants IT Lalizas for kids
-26 %
The sailing trousers are made by Nylon Oxford and Cordura with PVC film. It is 100% waterproof, while it has been designed and manufactured in such a way as to give a simple but at the same time modern line not only to the trousers but to the nitserada as a whole. The trousers are available in..
66.95€ 90.00€
Ex Tax:53.99€
 Navigation lamps classic 20
New -25 %
Description 360° lamps for boats up to 20m ..
19.84€ 26.50€
Ex Tax:16.00€
 SKIPPER sailing shoes
-10 %
Travel in style wearing the "Skipper" shoes of Lalizas. Being comfortable and durable, they can be worn at all hours on board the boat, but also on land, without tiring you at all. "Skipper" shoes are made of excellent quality Mexican leather and are sewn into the hand. The..
95.00€ 106.00€
Ex Tax:76.61€
Air heater 12V
-29 %
The air heater / fan ''SEA POWER'' is ideal for the boat or the car. The switch enables the use of either the air heaters or the fan. It works easily by simply fitting it into a 12V lighter socket. Cable: 1.80m...
14.99€ 21.00€
Ex Tax:12.09€
Lifejacket SIGMA with manual mechanism and D ring
-39 %
Description Ergonomic life jacket with manual mechanism. It provides comfort, while its straps make it particularly easy to use. It has reflective tape, a whistle and a "D" shaped noose for easier rescue. Stock:2 reds..
40.92€ 67.00€
Ex Tax:33.00€
Navigation light stern white classic 20
New -21 %
Sternwhite navigation lamp 135°, 12 V in black shell for boats up to 20m...
20.99€ 26.50€
Ex Tax:16.93€
Navigation lights green and red starboard
New -21 %
Starboard  red and green navigation lamps for vessels up to 20m, 112.5° in black shell...
20.99€ 26.50€
Ex Tax:16.93€
Navigation lights masthead circular
New -22 %
Navigation lights masthead circular..
8.99€ 11.50€
Ex Tax:7.25€
Refrigerator isothermal Igloo 72lt
-16 %
Description Isothermal refrigerator, with UV protection, 72 lt for the boat, with the ability to conserve ice for up to 4 days thanks to ultratherm insulation CCT:46-0973..
155.00€ 185.00€
Ex Tax:125.00€
 IMRAY Nautical Maps
New -23 %
 IMRAY Nautical Maps..
21.00€ 27.20€
Ex Tax:16.94€
Sailing Gloves NEOPRENE Lalizas
-34 %
Sailing Gloves NEOPRENE Lalizas Description This glove is the most ideal for any sailor during the winter. Its main feature is that it consists of 100% neoprene rubber. The palm part, the back as well as the surrounding walls are all made of neoprene, which maintains a constant temperature..
17.15€ 25.90€
Ex Tax:13.83€
Women's FS sailing jacket breathable lalizas
-52 %
Women's FS sailing jacket breathable lalizas Description High-quality jacket in a purely women's line and modern design. It is made by Taslon Nylon Oxford, with an internal PU coating. Waterproof, breathable, with thermal collar and fleece pockets, adaptable hood, two-way zippers, therm..
79.99€ 168.00€
Ex Tax:64.51€
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