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Electronic devices: VHF marine transceivers (portable or base), PMR, VHF, UHF, GPS of boats, sonar,
Auxiliary types of electronic devices: antennas, headphones, loudspeakers
Description Portable pmr transceiver, with 24 pmr channels (8+16 pre-programmable), 38 tons (tess, illuminated LED display, vox mode, call, Roger, Beep(3 levels), keyboard lock. Range up to 12h. Range up to 8km..
Ex Tax:90.32€
Description Lightweight and elegant set of portable transceiver (pmr), with 16 channels necessary communication tool for the boat, with a range of up to 6km, and with batteries lasting up to 5 hours of operation, recharged via usb, will fascinate you...
Ex Tax:62.90€
Description Contained: A transceiver, tabletop charging dock, wall-mounted power supply, LI-ION 1600 MAH battery, belt clip, Greek instructions. 57 international channels, 1/5W, IP67, illuminated screen and keyboard, Dual & Triple watch, priority channel function, Scan Vox, keyboard lock, de..
Ex Tax:145.16€
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