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Electrical equipment

Get the electrical equipment of your boat through the wide variety that we have in: navigation lamps, ceiling lights and led lights, electric pumps for boats, headlights, lenses, electric marine cables, control panels, marine ballasts, switches, fuses ( jumpstart), inverters, as well as various useful items at 12V such as fan, fan heater and cleaning vacuum cleaner.
Description The No. 1 lubricant and anti-rust in the world. Thanks to its special composition it penetrates in depth and unblocks any "glued" mechanism. It is used in all metals and plastics, it is a bad conductor of electricity and is not flammable. It stops crackling, removes moisture, ..
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HYDREX : Humidity Extractor Protection of electronic circuits Description The specialized product that, due to the additives it contains, protects the electrical circuits of the vessel for a long time, removing moisture. It prevents short circuits and renews the dielectric properties. Packaging..
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 Navigation lamps classic 20
New -25 %
Description 360° lamps for boats up to 20m ..
19.84€ 26.50€
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Air heater 12V
-29 %
The air heater / fan ''SEA POWER'' is ideal for the boat or the car. The switch enables the use of either the air heaters or the fan. It works easily by simply fitting it into a 12V lighter socket. Cable: 1.80m...
14.99€ 21.00€
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Navigation light stern white classic 20
New -21 %
Sternwhite navigation lamp 135°, 12 V in black shell for boats up to 20m...
20.99€ 26.50€
Ex Tax:16.93€
Navigation lights green and red starboard
New -21 %
Starboard  red and green navigation lamps for vessels up to 20m, 112.5° in black shell...
20.99€ 26.50€
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Navigation lights masthead circular
New -22 %
Navigation lights masthead circular..
8.99€ 11.50€
Ex Tax:7.25€
Spray of electrical contacts for their cleaning.It has high solvent properties..
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Description Fan 12V: fan suitable for maritime use.  Available at 12V (and 24V on demand). Dimensions: M 161mm- Π180mm-Υ237.5mm. Consumption 1.4A. CCT:45-1566..
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Features: 12Volt pressure adjustment up to 300mbar air extraction : 150 ltr/min ability to deflate ideal for boats up to 4 meters Code: 46-1535  ..
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Converts low voltage 10-15V DC (direct current) battery power to 220-230V AC (alternating current) home power. It is ideal for boat, car, to power laptops, mobile phones and other devices. There is automatic protection against overload, temperature rise and battery discharge. Male lighter plug inclu..
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Description Completely watertight panel with a special cover on the switches so that water does not pass inside. It has an indicator lamp so you know which devices are working at all times. Made from inox 316 for longevity and protection from rust. Maximum load per 10A switch. Electrostatic paintin..
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