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Hydraulic accessories

Boat pumps (submersible, manual), water tanks, flexible water tanks, Solar type shower containers, hydraulic fittings of all kinds, pipe clamps, switches, floats, nautical toilets and much more necessary for the hydraulic equipment of the boat.
Hose for transfusion of liquids from a container in diameter 19mm and 25mm and length 160 cm...
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Description Output: 4.3lt/min Voltage:12V Pressure:35psi..
Ex Tax:24.19€
  Output: 8,3lt/minute Pressure: 30 psi Current: 12V..
Ex Tax:60.48€
Water container flexible for showering. Description Made of PVC, it is light and small to save space with the ability to heat 20 lt of water. It is environmentally friendly since the material of its manufacture does not contain toxins. CCT: 46-1298..
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Description Clamps specially designed for secure piping connections, such as exhaust pipes where greater durability is required. They are made of stainless steel inox 316, for greater corrosion resistance. They also have a smooth surface without holes and edges polished outwards, to avoid damage to..
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Description Effective solution for storing water on board. They are made of non-toxic PVC, so as not to spoil the stored water. They have a built-in valve, which is used either for filling the container or for aerating the tank. Two additional import and export runoffs are also provided for per..
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Description Lightweight, easy to use, it is an ideal solution for caravans, boats and boats. No connection to a hydraulic system is needed. It consists of 2 parts: The top includes the water tank, the basin and the lid detachable, while the bottom consists of the tank for the waste..  Cap..
Ex Tax:60.48€
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