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Durostick BIO-CLEAN for joints of tiles, granites and marbles Description Non-allergenic biodegradable cleaner (ammonia, phosphates and petroleum derivatives), environmentally friendly, according to legislation 907/2006/EC governing detergents, as regards their biodegradability...
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Water-repellent, solvent-free waterproofing product, suitable for the protection of wooden surfaces outdoors and indoors. Its nano-border structure allows deep penetration into woods, regardless of their species or hardness. Creates a strong water-repellent invisible protective shield, which ensures..
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 Sailing Pants IT Lalizas for kids
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The sailing trousers are made by Nylon Oxford and Cordura with PVC film. It is 100% waterproof, while it has been designed and manufactured in such a way as to give a simple but at the same time modern line not only to the trousers but to the nitserada as a whole. The trousers are available in..
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 Economical, white glue of general use, vinyl base. It adheres and sticks to each other soft woods such as chipboard, MDF, cork, drywall, Styrofoam, zartoni, etc. Dense, inflamed, elastic, withstands vibrations and blows. It is ideal for welding large surfaces, such as pressed frames, formic..
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Waterproofing and oil repellent liquid impregnation of water base, high penetrating, based on nanotechnology. It creates a thin, invisible shield of protection of great durability and durability. It repels moisture, without altering the appearance and texture of the fabric. It facilitates cleaning w..
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Shipping supplies "3M DUAL LOCK" Fastening tapes Description: Multi-opening fastening systems (strips) that fasten doors, panels, signals, bulldozers and many other materials, with very strong hooking and easy removal more than once. The Dual Lock ties with itself (it is male and fe..
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Description Two-component polyurethane paint, high-quality, glossy and does not turn yellow at all. It can be applied directly to polyester surfaces without substrate but also to wooden or iron surfaces after epoxy substrate.  Base relationship:catalyst:3:1 Packaging:750ml Duration ..
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Powerful glue-putty based on epoxy resin. The two mixed components create a hard with a stable chemical and expanding capacity (expansion coefficient identical to copper and steel). It is liquored, rubbed and stowed and painted. For repairs and with the presence of water. It is applied with bathroom..
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Sound-absorbing panel made of flexible self-extinguishing polyurethane foam HF1 (UL94) that does not drip in case of fire. Its surface is shaped like a pyramid to ensure a high level of sound absorption. It is the most famous and best-selling soundproof panel. Sound absorption aw = 0.45 (sp 50mm)..
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Description Material of 3 components, suitable as a bridge of adhesion to concretes and mortars. Also in concrete repairs as anti-corrosion reinforcement protection. Contains corrosion inhibitors. Easy to mix with long workability time. Consumption : 1,5-2,00 Kg/m2 /mm depending on the substra..
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Adhesion Enhancer Maritrans Tile primer Description Maritrans Tile primer is a transparent, adhesion-enhancing, deep-penetrating, one-component. It chemically activates the surface and provides strong adhesion to glassy and ceramic substrates. The Maritrans tile primer polymerizes with the ..
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