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The skilled captain definitely appears in the storm! That is why, in order to always be informed and to sail safely, we have at our disposal many nautical editions, all the issues of 
description Laminated front and rear, they are waterproof and durable for use on board. They are fully informed with both photos and navigation tips per sea area. (Risks, points of course, local forecasts). They are available in 16 detailed issues and in addition to the South Aegean, the North ..
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 IMRAY Nautical Maps
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 IMRAY Nautical Maps..
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Hellas Sea Guide Eagle Ray Description Available in 4 versions of durable construction: Saronikos – Ann. Peloponnese, Cyclades, and Crete North Aegean Ionian Dodecanese that give detailed information with nautical maps, anchorage points, ports, bays, winds per area, dangerous points (ev..
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