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Inox Accessories

Stainless steel
Anchors of all types
Padlocks (single or common key set)
Screws of all types
Accessories (hinges, locks, handles, cable springs, clamps, nautical keys, hooks of various kinds, anchor keys, swivels, rollers, 
Marine engine lock to protect your outboard engine from evil energy...
Ex Tax:16.13€
Body of chrome-plated bronze, neck and springs stainless steel for resistance to rust, seawater and the sun. Automatically restore the key to its original position and remove the key with the padlock open or closed...
Ex Tax:16.94€
Anchors INOX 316 folding Description 0.7 kg - CCT: 46-1555 1.5 kg - CCT: 46-1247 2.5 kg - CCT: 45-0675..
Ex Tax:28.23€
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