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Boat support materials

The technical work required for its maintenance
require a range of specialized materials and tools to support them. These include power tools and hand tools (individually or in organized toolboxes), specialized tapes, abrasives (abrasive sheets and wheels, cutting-grinding discs, scotch-brite of various types), cleaning items (brooms and buckets, brushes, microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaner 12V) All the above and of course that concerns the personal protection of workers (overalls, masks, gloves, helmets, glasses, boots, earmuffs, etc.), you will find them in 
Description: They are available in various dimensions. 19mm X 45m: CCT:62-0310 25mm X 45m: CCT:62-0309 30mm X 45m:CCT:62-0331 38mm X 45m: CCT:62-0320 50mm X 50M: CCT:62-0305..
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Description Biodegradable general cleaning fluid, concentrated, non-toxic and non-caustic. It is used dissolved with water for all washable surfaces (walls – doors – refrigerators – washing machines – upholstery – plastic seats – metal furniture – boats, et..
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Description Multipurpose rust remover, ideal for removing rust from the gelcoat, coming from leaks, rusty screws, etc. Inactivating degreaser, removes coatings and residues of lime with great ease. Packaging: 250ml---KD:63-0046 1lt-------CG:63-0067..
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Description With pattex "no screws and nails, strength and convenience", you can weld skirting boards, gully, polystyrene molds, hangers and fill gaps indoors and protected outdoors. For welding, at least one surface must be porous. It is painted after it dries. Packaging: Ampoule..
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Lalizas' SeaTools toolkit is useful for any repair you need to do on board. Equipped with all the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, keys, ratchets and much more, it will help you for work on the deck and others related to the engine and electric boat. The tools are made o..
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Description It is used at any point that needs to be insulated in order to protect it from temperature changes and the crew of the boat from various noises. It can also be placed between the keel and the sails, to avoid grits. Dimensions: 25 mm X 5 m CT:46-0945  ..
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