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Special purpose products

Special puprose products

Waterproofing and oil repellent liquid impregnation of water base, high penetrating, based on nanotechnology. It creates a thin, invisible shield of protection of great durability and durability. It repels moisture, without altering the appearance and texture of the fabric. It facilitates cleaning w..
Ex Tax:14.92€
Powerful glue-putty based on epoxy resin. The two mixed components create a hard with a stable chemical and expanding capacity (expansion coefficient identical to copper and steel). It is liquored, rubbed and stowed and painted. For repairs and with the presence of water. It is applied with bathroom..
Ex Tax:4.27€
Bird repellent Description Special repellent for birds, polycarbonate with 80 stainless steel pins / per meter. Easy installation on railings, sills, etc. DMS:0.50cm CCT:60-1040..
Ex Tax:4.03€
Resoltech WWA is a unique epoxy system, designed for decorative applications and moldings. It is crystal clear, UV stabilized, does not shrink. It does not contain solvents. Excellent visual properties. Compatible with most materials such as glass, wood, cement, stone, ceramic, metal, etc. with l..
Ex Tax:46.37€
It saves heating costs and reduces heat loss through the walls. Sheet size: 1 X 0.70m KD:25-0945..
Ex Tax:8.87€
Active liquid that removes water salts, soap and seawater residues, rust and purry. With a spray only, without rubbing, in no time, it restores the lost shine in stainless and chrome-plated utensils and structures. Suitable for use throughout the house, in the bathroom area (taps, showers, tiles and..
Ex Tax:5.24€
Description Particularly strong double-sided tape for easy and fast fast fast fixing of mirrors, plates, plastic hooks on glass, ceramic, synthetic materials, metals, etc. Moisture resistant. Sizes: 19mm X 5m: CCT:62-0332 25mm X 5m: CCT:62-0346..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Description Biodegradable general cleaning fluid, concentrated, non-toxic and non-caustic. It is used dissolved with water for all washable surfaces (walls – doors – refrigerators – washing machines – upholstery – plastic seats – metal furniture – boats, et..
Ex Tax:2.02€
Description: Polymer sealant- adhesive material which is applied without primer. It works with all materials, without affecting any surface. (e.g. glass, Styrofoam). It seals directly cracks up to 3.5cm wide and 2cm deep...
Ex Tax:8.79€
Description Strong glue, odorless, without silicone and solvents, for mounting, assembling and sealing internal and external use. Suitable for electrical installations, aluminum, polycarbonate, sanitary ware, bathrooms, sinks, carpentry, cars, yachts, etc. It is also worked in the water with a..
Ex Tax:6.85€
The No. 1 lubricant and anti-rust in the world. Thanks to its special composition it penetrates in depth and unblocks any "glued" mechanism. It is used in all metals and plastics, it is a bad conductor of electricity and is not flammable. It stops crackling, removes moisture, cleans, prote..
Ex Tax:3.55€
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